Review Policy

I'm not a critic/stylist, I love mixing clothes and creating outfits depending on my mood.

I appreciate when items come with a picture, landmark and notecard with information if it's for an event, makes my job way easier ;)

I try my best to blog every product given to me, making inspiring mixes and pictures, but will only blog what suits my fashion style.

I don't share all my posts on Flickr, so make sure to check the blog every now and then :)

Lack of time prevents me from being able to blog for fairs and events as often as I would like to, so please contact me first. And in the case that I don't have time to cover the event, I'll be happy to support it by mentioning on the blog and visiting/shopping.

Thank you for your time and wonderful creations!

Noir Gothly 

You can check what I've blogged on your store looking at the tags for your store name. 

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