Review Policy

Sponsors list open for: Hair - Accessories - Make Up appliers (I own Catwa and Lelutka heads). - Men Stuffs.  Feel free to contact me in world :)


I'm not a critic/stylist, I love mixing clothes and creating outfits depending on my mood.

Please include a picture, landmark and notecard with information if it's for an event, makes my job way easier ;)

I try my best to blog every product given to me, making inspiring mixes and pictures, but will only blog what I like and suits my style.

Lack of time prevents me from being able to blog for fairs and events as often as I would like to, so please contact me first. And in the case that I don't have time to cover the event, I'll be happy to support it by mentioning and linking on the blog and visiting/shopping.

I can't promise I will blog every review item I get. I try my best but sometimes I just can't seem to mix and match something, or just doesn't go with my style/mood.
Please take no offense, it has nothing to do with the quality and beauty of your creations.

My oldest sponsors and friend designers always come first, is my way of being thankful for their constant support. 

I don't edit my pictures on the blog. I edit them for Flickr, but always try not to over do it. I prefer clean pictures, with not too much clutter around so that everything gets properly shown.

Thank you for your time and wonderful creations!

Noir Gothly